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About HitchClip® System

The HitchClip® System was designed by a contractor for contractors. Our goal with the HitchClip® System was to design and build high end components that marry safety and production, while keeping the cost down. We believe if you invest in the HitchClip® System you will reduce safety hazards, increase production in the field, and have these components for the rest of your career. Essentially, you will separate yourself from the rest of the competition. Give your customers the peace of mind that you are providing the safest and most productive work environment in the country.

The HitchClip® System has traveled from coast to coast, and has been exhibited at every major roofing, building, and hardware show across the nation. The feedback from contractors, builders, safety officers, homeowners and distributors has been overwhelmingly positive. The line Scott and Mike hear most often is, “Why didn’t I think of this?”

Contractors and builders view the system as an affordable way to provide safety for their workers and increase overall production. Homeowners appreciate the low profile design, color options, simplicity, and user friendly attributes. These features enable the homeowner to be able to conduct simple repairs, do maintenance such as clean gutters and roofs, and hang Christmas lights safely.

The attraction to distributors is that they have a new product to reconnect with past accounts, have something new to introduce to their regulars, and are excited to have the ability to sell a product that has numerous component options.

The HitchClip® is designed for any tradesman or homeowner that needs to access a roof, and we want everyone to go home to their families at the end of the day healthy and with a feeling of accomplishment.

About the Inventor & Founder

Scott Fontaine is a master craftsman with over 34 years of experience under his belt. He started as an apprentice in the New Bedford, Massachusetts area. Scott quickly honed his craft and started his own company as a high end builder and remodeler. He later moved to Seattle, Washington to bring his highly sought after skills to the Northwest.

Scott Fontaine

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“I worked in the field for over 30 years as a hands-on General Contractor in the residential construction industry. My designs are developed through firsthand knowledge from a day-to-day need of problem solving skills on the jobsite. Awareness of the tradesman's daily obstacles is absolutely essential in the development of a product that will be of use in the field. It is my belief that a product developer needs to marry safety with productivity to be successful with the end user.”

Scott put on his work belt everyday as an owner/operator, and was creative with his approach to building. He was constantly designing and building custom production staging that would increase production and reduce safety hazards. His motto was, “Work smarter, not harder.”

The HitchClip® was a product of the environment in which Scott and his subcontractors found themselves on a daily basis. As a tradesman, you encounter situations daily that require problem solving. Scott got to work in his shop, designing a low profile permanent rooftop anchor that could be used to accept a custom built roof bracket for staging. What Scott didn’t realize is that he also created a rooftop anchor that could pass OSHA/ANSI standards for a lifeline anchoring point.

As Scott realized he was on to something and that there was a market for his system, he introduced it to a panel of 20 OSHA officers to get their take and approval. The room was astonished at the simplicity of the HitchClip® and Roof Jack, but they envisioned much bigger things for it. The panel told Scott that if the anchor could pass the OSHA fall arrest standards that this could be a product that would help save lives and revolutionize the fall arrest industry.

Scott performed the required testing and passed, and so the HitchClip® System was born.

About the Product Consultant

Mike Vasquez has over 23 years in the building industry as an owner/operator, and has been swinging a hammer for 20 years. Mike was approached by Scott Fontaine about a system he was developing. Scott asked Mike his professional opinion as a roofer/framer what he thought of the concept. Mike was taken aback by the simplicity of the HitchClip® System and saw an immediate use for it on his own projects.

Mike Vasquez

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Since joining the SAFE team, Mike has been a part of just about every critical decision along the way, starting with the branding and marketing of the product, to educating and training customers. Mike wears many hats, and is an expert in the Hitchclip® System. He has been on the frontline since day one.

With Mike’s unique perspective as an end user as well as his knowledge of real world applications, Scott and Mike pushed forward to make the HitchClip® System a household name.

About Our Manufacturing & Distribution

Early in the manufacturing and distribution process, Scott found an investor, The Master Builders Association (MBA) of King and Snohomish County.

The MBA of King/Snohomish counties is the most profitable and successful MBA in the nation. The partnership was a no-brainer. The MBA and Scott both wanted to save lives, increase production, and facilitate more job opportunities. Even though the partnership was eventually dissolved, the MBA played an important role in the development of the HitchClip® System. The HitchClip® team would like to extend their gratitude, and hopes to continue working with all The Master Builders Associations across the nation with one thing in mind—providing a safe work environment.

As the HitchClip® was transitioning from the MBA, Scott reached out to a local fall protection manufacturer, Guardian Fall Protection (GFP). GFP was a natural fit for the HitchClip® System.

Both entities were on the fast track to modernizing how tradesmen utilize and view fall protection. With Scott’s revolutionary system and GFP’s capabilities and innovation, the choice was simple. The HitchClip® found its home. Guardian/Qualcraft Industries and the HitchClip® team are working tirelessly to provide and educate the world on proper fall protection and its applications. Together they have started the HitchClip® revolution.

About SAFE

Scott and Mike reference SAFE as their “Think Tank.” Often time, product development will happen on the fly. Concepts have been created in a rental car while traveling, on the spot while talking to a contractor, or over a beer at the end of the day. The HitchClip® System continues to expand its full line of accessories with an emphasis on innovation and forward thinking.

The SAFE Team would like to thank all of those that have bought in to the system and have supported our effort from the beginning; you are all pioneers. Stay Safe, Be Productive, and “GET HITCHED!!”

For Questions On Sales & Product

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For All Other SAFE-Related Inquiries

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