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What is the HitchClip® made of?

6061 T-6 aluminum.

What is the HitchClip® rated for?

The HitchClip® is compliant with OSHA 1926 Subpart M, OSHA 1910, ANSI Z359.1-2007 (commercial industry standard), and ANSI A10.32-2012 (construction industry standard). The HitchClip® has a minimum breaking strength of 5,000 lbs.

What are the recommended fasteners?

(6) 2½” Grip-Rite exterior screws, or (6) 16d galvanized framing nails. All fasteners must be installed into a sufficient framing member able to withstand a minimum 5,000 lbs.

What colors are available?

The HitchClip® comes in four colors: black, brown, gray, and red.

Can the HitchClip® be painted?

Yes. The powder coating will accept typical spray paint.

Is flashing required when installing the HitchClip®?

No. The HitchClip® is typically installed during the roofing installation and is covered by the next course (typically a composite shingle). The HitchClip® can also be used for retrofits by carefully lifting or removing the course directly above the anchor location. Once installed, simply lay the course over the HitchClip®.

How do the available accessories work with the HitchClip®?

The HitchClip® is designed with a patent-pending Keyhole Connection Point that accepts each accessory by simply sliding the accessory head pin into the keyhole. No fasteners or additional purchases are required for the quick-connect/quick-release components to work perfectly with the HitchClip®.

Are all of the HitchClip® accessories compatible?

Yes. The HitchClip® is the base component for all HitchClip® production staging accessories. HitchClip® accessories help get the job done safer, quicker, and with no timely breakdown.

How many HitchClip® come in a box?

The HitchClip® is sold in three different configurations: a box of three (all one color), a box of twenty-four (all one color), or a box of twenty-five (all one color).

How many HitchClip® do you recommend for a standard size roof?

We recommend you install seven HitchClips® per mid-size roof. This allows one HitchClip® to be installed at the point of entry/exit, one or two in the field to allow for work up and down the roof from ridge to gutter, and two on each side of the ridge to reduce the potential for clutter or crossing safety lines.

Is the HitchClip® for one person only?

Yes. The HitchClip™, like all single D-ring anchors, is designed and tested for use by only one worker at a time.

What kind of paint is on the HitchClip®?

Industrial strength powder-coating that will last for the life of the roof.

Will the HitchClip™ leave streaks on the roof?

No. Unlike other anchors, HitchClips® do not streak or leach. Most anchors are made of galvanized steel and nickel plate, which can leave unsightly streaks on a roof over time.

Is the HitchClip® a permanent anchor?

Yes. We highly recommend leaving the HitchClip® on the roof as a permanent anchor for future fall protection, production staging, maintenance, emergency repairs, and as a value-add for the homeowner.

Can the HitchClip® be used as a temporary anchor?

Yes. The high-visibility red HitchClip® is recommended for multiple installation applications. Always fully inspect the HitchClip® prior to each installation. Screws are recommended for temporary installations, as they allow for easier removal.

Can the HitchClip® be installed on an exterior side wall?

Yes. The HitchClip® can be installed on a side wall as long as there is a sufficient framing member to attach it to. The HitchClip® is not designed to be pulled in the opposite direction.

Is the HitchClip® just for roofers?

Absolutely not. Though roofers spend much of their workdays at heights, the HitchClip® is for any tradesman, business owner, or home owner that needs to access the roof, or who works at heights and needs fall protection.

Does the HitchClip® add value to a job?

Yes. The HitchClip™ is the most affordable permanent anchor on the market. It adds value to a job by reassuring your client that safety is your number one priority, without compromising the aesthetics of the structure. It also adds value by increasing productivity and helping work get done faster. Clients appreciate the HitchClip® for any future maintenance, emergency repairs, hanging lights, cleaning gutters, and more.

How does the HitchClip® benefit home builders?

Builders benefit in many ways. They can significantly reduce the cost of permanent anchors by switching to the HitchClip®. Builders appreciate the low profile and variety of color options that blend well with their roofs. They love that there is no flashing required because it eliminates leaking and warranty issues. Builders don’t have to sacrifice the integrity or aesthetics of their roofs, all while encouraging safe practices. They also appreciate that, by utilizing the HitchClip® system, they can promote ONE fall protection plan for all their tradesmen. This eliminates confusion and makes monitoring their safety protocol easier. From the time the walls are erected and the roof is installed, every subsequent tradesman can utilize the system for their own personal fall protection, and increase overall production with the HitchClip® staging accessories.